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Paige Branting

Fitness Coordinator / Personal Trainer

BSc Kinesiology & Biology

ACE Certified PT & GFI

Having achieved my own weight loss goals, I decided to become a Personal Trainer to help others do the same. Since then, I've worked with a wide range of clients, including special populations, elite level athletes, and older adults. To enhance my skills, I've taken several courses including Massage, Sports Performance, and Nutrition. Recently, I completed my Bachelor of Science in Biology and Kinesiology, and I am currently pursuing my CSEP Clinical Exercise Physiologist Certification.

Ashlee Wardle

Personal Trainer

BA Psychology

I entered the field of fitness with a passion for exercise, health, and wellness. Since 2015, I competed as a natural bikini bodybuilder, placing 5th in my first competition, and most recently competing locally in the CPA federation, placing 1st in a 2019 natural show. I achieved my NAIT PFT in 2016, followed by certification with the CSEP. My experience ranges from clients battling chronic disease and complete beginners, to conditioned athletes, soldiers, and even other bikini competitors. Come chat with me about your fitness journey!


Ron Nezaticky

Group Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

ACE Certified PT & GFI

500 Hour Vinyasa Yoga 

Meet Ron: Expert Fitness Coach with Over 15 Years of Experience

Looking to crush your fitness goals? Ron is here to help. His passion for fitness is reflected in his diverse skill set, which includes specialties in boxing, yoga, sports performance, Olympic lifting, and injury rehab. Ron's fitness journey has been nothing short of impressive, having been named Golden Gloves Boxing Champion and Provincial Boxing Champion in BC. He's also a travel enthusiast, having lived and trained in Zurich, and completed his 500-hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor training in India.

Lauren Murray

Yoga Instructor

200 Hour Hatha Yoga 
200 Hour Zen Yoga

Lauren has a deep-rooted passion for holistic wellness and a tranquil spirit that shines through her every movement, Lauren is an embodiment of calmness and serenity. As a dedicated yoga instructor, she has made it her mission to help others discover the transformative power of yoga and guide them towards a profound sense of inner peace. Her teaching style is characterized by gentle movements, embracing the essence of slow and deliberate transitions. Lauren understands the importance of respecting each student's unique physicality and emotional needs, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for all participants. Her classes are a peaceful sanctuary, where students can escape the stresses of everyday life and find balance both on and off the mat.


Natalie Labuick

Yoga Instructor

RYT 200 HR
Rocket Ashtanga 
Aerial Yoga

Meet Natalie, your vibrant and passionate yoga instructor on a journey to restore and revitalize your mind, body, and spirit. With boundless energy and an infectious zest for life, Natalie is here to guide you on a transformative yoga experience like no other.

From a young age, Natalie's love for movement and mindfulness ignited a deep connection with yoga. As she grew, so did her desire to share the profound benefits of this ancient practice with others. Her radiant smile and warm spirit create an inviting space for students of all levels, ensuring everyone feels welcome and supported in their practice.

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