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Personal Training 

If you’re looking for further instruction, one of our trainers will customize an exercise program based entirely on your fitness needs and time constraints. If you want more help, multiple sessions provide motivation and on-going feedback, continually assessing your strength, endurance and flexibility – in essence improving the effectiveness of your workouts. No matter what your needs and goals, personal trainers can provide you with a safe, informative and results-oriented environment in which to exercise.

Meet your Trainers


Paige B.


Ashlee W.

Intense Training


3 x 45 Minutes = $194.00
5 x 45 Minutes = $309.00
10 x 45 minutes = $572.00

3 x 1 Hour = $243.00 
5 x 1 Hour = $386.00
10 x 1 Hour = $715.00

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